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A path to improvement


Profit-Abilities, LLC is a continuous improvement company. Our experience includes a broad set of industries and our expertise represents a wide range of responsibilities.

As a seasoned innovator, the Founder, George Bigger, has developed innovations and systems and inventions and companies.

The result of that cumulative experience is a simple 4-question process that allows individuals to re-frame their perspectives so that collaboration can lead to cooperation and sustainable progress.

The ASK4TM process was recently used to solve the design issue of how to "stack water" - so that the flood water itself can be used as a ballast to fill interlocking containers that create or enhance a levee - to stop a flood.

The ConstruKsTM system represents innovation made possible by interlocking units. It also represents an opportunity for multiple stakeholders to likewise cooperate in a community initiative involving a new industry that can protect their property,  create re-employment and economic growth - and improve their community.

The ASK4TM process represents an opportunity to replace non-sense with common-sense, in our personal, career, community, and even world governance settings.

Taking Individual Responsibility for Our Mutual Success...

That is what Profit-Abilities, LLC is all about.

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